High-Voltage Transmission Lines

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has received two proposals to build high-voltage transmission lines across western Wisconsin. 

Having heard concerns from land owners across the district, I’ve met with officials at both of the companies proposing the lines, sent letters expressing concerns and demanding answers, and had my staff attend dozens of public hearings on this topic. Here is some additional information:

CapX2020: The Xcel Energy proposed line from Minnesota to LAX

Proposed map

Letter I sent to Xcel Energy

Letter from Xcel Energy in Response 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: PSC Endorses $200M Wis-Minn Power Line 

Final Decision 

My statement after the final decision

Badger Coulee: The American Transmission Company (ATC) proposed a line from La Crosse to the Madison area

Proposed map 

Map by County 

Letter I sent to ATC

Letter from ATC in response, including specific answers to my questions

More information

Wisconsin State Journal: ATC Sets Open Houses 

Wisconsin State Journal: XCel and ATC Dispute Ownership of Badger Coulee Line 


Making Your Voice Heard

I encourage those who are concerned to make their voices heard by contacting both Public Service Commission and the relevant energy company and by participating in upcoming local public forums on the topic.

Wisconsin Public Service Commission

P.O. Box 7854
Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7854
Toll Free: (888)816-3831
Contact: Xcel Energy
PO Box 9437
Minneapolis, MN 55440-9437
Email: lacrosseinfo@capx2020.com
Contact: American Transmission Company 
P.O. Box 47
Waukesha, WI 53187-0047
Email: info@atcllc.com
Toll free: (866) 899-3204