Economic conditions in western and central Wisconsin and across the country are slowly improving. But we still have work to do. While there may be disagreements about how we address it, there is overwhelming consensus that we must do something. I will continue to work to foster an environment that creates good paying jobs, get Wisconsinites back to work, and keeps our economy growing.

Deficit reduction is an important part of any plan for long-term economic growth. Families across Wisconsin know a budget is about priorities.  In this economic environment, we must come together to solve the challenge of creating good paying jobs while remaining dedicated to reducing our nation’s deficit.  I am committed to making the tough decisions to support investments and programs that are vital to our economy and at the same time cutting wasteful and unnecessary spending. When times are tough, western Wisconsin families tighten their belts and that’s exactly what we need to do in Washington.

I believe the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was necessary for our economic recovery.

The President’s Council of Economic Advisers estimates that investments made through the Recovery Act boosted employment in Wisconsin by 63,000 jobs. And a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimates that up to 3.6 million people owe their jobs to the Recovery Act.

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Job Growth

Getting the economy back on track and creating good paying jobs here in Wisconsin is my priority. I am advocating for policies that will create and save jobs, invest in stabilizing state and local economies, and provide help to the unemployed.

After a devastating recession, we are seeing signs of improvement. The recovery is slow but as of May 2013, we have seen 38 straight months of private sector job growth - gaining over 6.8 million private sector jobs.

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American Made: Ensuring a Strong Economy

We must build, construct, and grow manufacturing in Wisconsin and across America in order to ensure a strong American economy.   

That's why I've put together a plan to help us do just that. By capitalizing on existing American strengths – a well educated and well trained labor force, innovation, and competitive spirit; supporting the transformation and growth of America’s manufacturers to move into the markets of the future; and by coordinating with federal, state, local governments and private institutions, we can ensure America’s economic success.

Read my manufacturing agenda.

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Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

The financial crisis that peaked in 2008 brought to light many financial practices that were abusive and reckless.  On July 21, 2010, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law, putting an end to those practices and making “too big to fail” a thing of the past.  Americans will no longer be responsible for the bad business choices and irresponsible behavior that almost brought down our entire financial system. As that we near the 5-year anniversary of this important reform bill, we are seeing that we still have work to do. As the policies are implemented and regulations are promulgated, and I hear from western Wisconsinites, I continue to support commonsense modifications to the bill. The modifications insure, for example, that small businesses aren’t harmed by regulations that the bill didn’t originally contemplate, banks can still lend to their community, and transparency exists in the financial markets without making it nearly impossible to do business.

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