America is a nation founded and built by immigrants. We have a proud history of reaching out to foreigners and offering refuge and opportunity to those who seek it. Unfortunately, our current immigration system is broken. Today, there are more than 12 million undocumented immigrants residing within our borders.

Both Republicans and Democrats agree that we need to meaningfully reform our immigration system. It is vital that we dedicate sufficient resources to border enforcement and ensure that the E-Verify system not only prevents illegal employment and protects American workers, but also does not overburden small business owners. For those undocumented immigrants who are already part of our communities, I believe that we must provide a practical pathway to citizenship within a reasonable time frame and after paying taxes and learning English and American civics. Finally, as part of immigration reform, we need to create a system that keeps up with the needs of farmers and their businesses and fixes our broken H-2A agricultural worker visa program.

I know that these are sensitive issues, but I believe that Congress needs to have the courage to move forward and solve these problems. I am ready to work on a bipartisan basis to help move this process forward.