The Recovery Act

Economic conditions in western Wisconsin and across the country are slowly improving. But we still have work to do. Creating good paying jobs here in Wisconsin is my number one priority. 

The Recovery Act, enacted in January 2009, saved and created millions of jobs across the country.  It provided an investment in our country when we needed it most.  The bill provided tax cuts to give relief and spending power to 95 percent of American families, help for men and women hit the hardest by this recession, aid to state and local governments, and investment in infrastructure and new industries. In fact, more than 55,000 Recovery-funded projects have been completed since the Recovery Act was signed into law.

Finally, the Recovery Act has a strong focus on accountability and transparency - you can learn where and how your tax dollars are being spent by exploring the links below.


Job Growth

A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimates that up to 3.6 million people owe their jobs to the Recovery Act.

The Department of Labor reports that in November, the private sector added 50,000 jobs.  We have now seen our economy continue to grow and to create private-sector jobs for 11 months in a row.  In 2010, the private sector has gained 1.2 million jobs. Click here for a graph.

The job growth we’re experiencing tells us we’re moving in the right direction.  But the pace of recovery is too slow.  I will not be satisfied until everyone who needs a job can find work. That starts by extending expiring tax cuts for the middle class and extending unemployment insurance for Americans who are unable to find work.


Recovery Act at Work in Western Wisconsin

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Data reported as of January 2011. Source:


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